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Welcome to For mathematical topics see my math wiki.

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This wiki is a set of notes on earth science (geoscience). There is also a section giving a personal perspective on Citizen Science in the Salish Sea.


Current Projects

  • ShoreView
  • BGC Data System Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM), systemic study of, implications.
  • MBARI A collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
  • Skagit How a catchment basin works.
  • Layerscape Tour the known universe for less than 30 Altarian dollars a day. Free, in fact.
  • Azure and LiveOcean

Related Topics

Purpose and Structure

My objective working at Microsoft Research is to enable transformative, trans-disciplinary data-driven geoscience research through visualization and cyber-infrastructure. This wiki describes informatics technology projects supporting specific research, for example Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) characterization of the earth's hydrosphere, specifically oceans, rivers, lakes, and estuaries. We (MSR) build data management systems, visualization toolkits and more to enable a new approach to understanding the earth in terms of constituent inter-related systems.

This wiki is structured as a main directory that links to sets of related project pages. Each project group includes the same directory link set at the top of the page.

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Are new technology tools needed in earth science?

From a survey of geoscience and computer science professionals: Here is a bar chart from the EarthCube Interoperability Project on the adequacy of the technology tools available today. At the left extreme is totally inadequate and at the right is totally adequate and it would appear there is room for improvement.

Distribution of Research Education Tool Adequacy in Earthcube Survey Downsized.png


For MSR Cambridge software tools visit the Computational Science Laboratory tools page.

Resources I use to build this content:


I'm rob at robfatland dot net.

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