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This page describes the 2008 field season build out. 2008 Build Actions covers Items/Tasks. Idea is to add details and notes here on what needs to happen and then migrate those into the Actions page as small steps towards those ends.


We would like a working system in place staring end-of-April 2008.


  • VuS = Brick = Gen 3.2 Microserver
  • Vus-3.1 = Gen 3.1 Microserver
  • FM = Field Mote
  • NSRL = Natural Sciences Research Lab or a WiFi+Internet proxy located e.g. at Matt's property.
  • SS6-CC = SunSaver-6 Charge Controller (provides up to 17V when feeder solar panel is illuminated)

Guiding principles

  • When possible: Use a data logger to capture data with independent means (power etc) in case of VuS failure.
  • Use tripod/mast assemblies to mount solar panels
  • Build towards over-wintering in 2008-2009
  • Enclosure strategy: Good weather-proof is primary, tupperware case as "external enclosure", include dessicant

Priority 1

PXD Lemon Gl Lake to Cair Met to Cairn Lookout to NSRL

  • This implies Qty 3 VuS and a lot of logistics and pre-deploy range testing.
  • The most technical difficulty (beyond logistics) is possibly needing to use a directional parabolic antenna from Cairn Lookout to NSRL.
  • There are three equipment manifests for the three Lemon Glacier sites: { Lake, Cairn Met, Cairn Lookout }
    • Cairn Lookout
      • Installed first to establish Cairn-NSRL radio link
      • Mast & tie down hardware
      • VuS in tupperware box
      • Parabolic and/or omni
      • Batts + Solar (also could be a camera alternative site)
      • May need an independent passive reflector for worst case scenario WiFi bankshot
    • Cairn Met
      • Installed second to establish short-hop radio link
      • Met station re-install + Campbell inside Campbell enclosure
      • VuS in tupperware at base of tripod, secured
      • Omni WiFi antenna
      • Batts for Campbell (+ indep solar panel if possible); note SS6 goes inside Campbell enclosure (not waterproof)
      • For VuS: Batts (independent) plus solar
      • Wind turbine
      • Camera
        • Note requires more power
        • Can be driven off of the VuS supply, potentially
        • Internal to VuS: Requires Ethernet switch and 2 short ethernet cables
    • Lake
      • Installed third (late April)
      • Single PXD plus bolts and etc into the rock wall
      • Campbell in a non-tupperware enclosure inside a tupperware
      • For Campbell: batteries, possible SS6 charge controller + solar panel
      • VuS inside same tupperware
      • For VuS: 1 or 2 batteries
      • For VuS: 110 watt panel
      • For WiFi and solar: Tripod with mast
      • WiFi omni-antenna (parabolic optional) and mounting hardware
      • Securing hardware: Cable + guy wires + turnbuckles and so on
      • Power cables
      • Signal cable Campbell to VuS (serial)
      • Dessicant

Priority 2

Lower Lemon to Heinzelman Ridge to Cairn Lookout to NSRL

  • Heinzelman ridge site must see both Cairn Lookout and Lower Lemon VuS
  • Main Lower Lemon data task is Campbell serial
  • Secondary would be YSI and stream gauge but these are not co-located

Priority 3

  • 3.1 NetRS datastream: Another VuS on Lemon Glacier
  • 3.2 Motes
  • 3.3 Mendenhall
  • 3.4 Geophones
  • 3.5 YSI Serial and stream gauge would be nice to have but line of sight makes motes necessary

Priority 4

  • 4.1 Iridium
  • 4.2 Geophone
  • 4.3 From Photosynth we need a better DEM