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This wiki is built at Rob Fatland's website. (He is a geophysicist working in Boulder Colorado for Vexcel Corporation, a subsidiary of Microsoft.) Rob is the Boulder-based part of the SEAMONSTER project together with collaborators Matt Heavner (Principle Investigator), Eran Hood, Cathy Connor, and Sonia Nagorski, all scientists and professors at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau. (The corresponding UAS website is here, full team page is here.)

Rob Fatland (Microsoft Geospatial Solutions) Matt Heavner, UAS, Seamonster Principle Investigator Eran Hood, UAS, Seamonster Hydrologist Cathy Connor, UAS, Seamonster Education Sonia Nagorski, UAS, Seamonster Hydrology and Education

In 2008 we have participants: Ed, Marijke, David, Nick, Logan, Josh Jones, Nathan, Josh Galbraith, Richard Barnes, Ivy, Steffi, and Tyler.

In 2007 we have participating students Shannon, Ed, Marijke, Holly, David, Nick, Logan, Suzie, Jamie, Josh, Erica and Nathan.

Rogue's Gallery

Josh Richard Shannon Ed Marijke Holly Dave Nick Sven Kaboomborg, Norwegian cod fisherman Logan Suzie Josh Erica