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This page is a list of SEAMONSTER related publications and presentations. It is intended to have a link to source material and/or pdf or ppt of posters, or 8.5"x11". This page should ease writing quarterly reports, and provide resources to us all.

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Heavner MJ, C Connor, D Sauer, N Kugler, E Hood, DR Fatland, The UAS-SEAMONSTER Project: A Glacier Sensor Network on the Lemon Creek and Mendenhall Glaciers Inspired by the 1958-59 International Geophysical Year (IGY) and the Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP), presented at the 2011 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in Minneapolis (10 October 2011), paper 91-3. (keynote, powerpoint, pdf).

Cathy Connor, Nick Korzen, Ed Knuth, David Sauer, Matt Heavner, “Changing Lake Bathymetry with Deglaciation: The Mendenhall Glacier system,” NOAA Integrated Science and Environmental Technology Cooperative Science Center NOAA Advisory Council review, October 27, 2008.

Heavner, M., Fatland, R., Hood, E. and Connor, C., Habermann, M., Berner, L., “Monitoring Lemon Glacier Using a Wireless Sensor Network in Juneau, Alaska: The SEAMONSTER Project,” 2008 Joint Meeting of the Geological Society of America, Global Warming Science: Implications for Geoscientists, Educators, and Policy Makers, Houston, TX, October 7, 2008.

Heavner, Fatland, Hood, Connor, Habermann, Berner, Jones, Barnes, “Monitoring Lemon Creek and Mendenhall Watersheds Using a Wireless Sensor Web in Juneau, Alaska: SEAMONSTER,” Northwest Glaciologists, Seattle, WA, October 18, 2008.

NASA Innovation featured a short article on Vexcel and Microsoft; see

The 2008 Alaska Geology Society Technical Conference on Thursday April 17 includes a poster presentation "Changing Lake Bathymetry with Deglaciation; The Mendenhall System" by Nick Korzen, Ed Knuth, and Cathy Connor.

The NVE Workshop on mass balance measurements and modeling 26-28 March 2008 in Skeikampen, Norway had the poster presentation "Monitoring Glacier Hydrology and Mass Balance on a Small Temperate Glacier Using a Sensor Web" by Matt Heavner Eran Hood Joshua Jones Rob Fatland Regine Hock. The poster is available as images (page 1 and page 2) or as a powerpoint.

The 2008 American Water Resources Association Alaska Section (Jan 28-31, 2008) saw the following SEAMONSTER presentations:

One year of operating a wireless watershed in Lemon Creek, Juneau, Alaska - Matt Heavner, Environmental Science Program, University of Alaska Southeast (co-authors Eran Hood, Marijke Habermann, Rob Fatland, Logan Berner)

A high-resolution study of the impacts of glacial runoff on water quality and aquatic habitat, Lemon Glacier, Juneau, Alaska - Eran Hood, Environmental Science Program, University of Alaska Southeast (co-authors Matt Heavner, Josh Jones)

Modeling Glacier Runoff: A Case Study of Lemon Glacier, Juneau, Alaska - Josh Jones, Environmental Science Program, University of Alaska Southeast (co- authors Eran Hood, Matt Heavner, Regine Hock)

The 2008 Earth Science Information Partners meeting has one presentation on SEAMONSTER "Sensor Webs in Digital Earth" by M Heavner, D Fatland, H Moeller, E Hood, L Berner, M Habermann, Jan 9-10, 2008, Washington DC.

The 2007 Fall American Geophysical Union meeting gets its own page for all the presentations from the monsters.

Cathy and Rob gave presentations at GSA 2007 in Denver. (Matt has Rob's power point decks for this and other recent.)

Rob gave a talk at the MSR-sponsored eScience conference at RENCI in North Carolina, October 20--22.

Teerlink and Berner on managed deployment of field motes

Rob gave a talk at INSTAAR on October 8 2007 for a brown bag seminar. Based on responses this went over pretty well.

Rob gave a talk at MSR NEC prior to visiting Juneau in mid-September 2007.

3rd NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, September 12 -14, 2007 · Greensboro, North Carolina. The powerpoint for the presentation is at and the paper is at The conference schedule is at

User:Robfatland gave this presentation at the Federal Services Summit (Microsoft) in Naples Florida on April 2, 2007.

User:Robfatland placed here a pdf draft paper submitted to the IPSN'07 conference in Cambridge Massachusetts April 23--27, 2007. This is essentially a vision-paper so its content needs to go to the Vision page at some point. The paper didn't make it in (we'll work on it some more) but some conference notes are here.

User:Robfatland assembled two posters on SEAMONSTER for the 2006 Fall AGU Meeting. Note that the poster abstracts are modified from those submitted in September 2006 to AGU and more accurately reflect project details.

User:Heavner spent an hour being interviewed on the KINY "Tech Talk" radio show in Juneau November 18, 2006.

User:Robfatland represented SEAMONSTER as an attendee at Sensys in Boulder, Colorado, Oct 30-Nov 3 2006. He did not present a paper but did give a static demonstration of the Gen 3.1 microserver at the Demo Session.

User:Hood presented a poster on SEAMONSTER at the 2006 AAAS Arctic section meeting in Fairbanks October 2-4, 2006.

User:Heavner presented a very brief SEAMONSTER overview with a single powerpoint slide that was almost exactly the NASA/ESTO quad chart for SEAMONSTER at the Arctic Research Commission gathering for examining applications of the Iridium satellite system for Arctic Science and to celebrate the opening of the Fairbanks Iridium ground station. The meeting was in Anchorage, Alaska in September, 2006.

User:Heavner presented an overview of SEAMONSTER at the 2006 Northwest Glaciology Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska in September, 2006. The presentation slides are in pdf format at

Poster 1: "Seamonster: A Smart Sensor Web in Southeast Alaska" (abstract).

Seamonster poster AGU Fall 2006

Higher-resolution and full-resolution versions of this poster have also been uploaded to this wiki. The power point source file is located in the ftp subdirectory at The central architecture diagram is 'work in progress' and can be seen in most recent form at the internal Architecture page.

Poster 2: "Seamonster Education: A Sensor Network Project in Southeast Alaska" (abstract)

Seamonster Education poster AGU Fall 2006

Higher-resolution and full-resolution versions of this poster have been uploaded to this wiki. The power point source file is located in the ftp subdirectory at