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This page provides publication and related web site references, citations and links. Also of potential interest are the bookmark and organization index pages. Can't find something here? Try out the Wiki Search function as it can be very useful.

General Interest

  • TED Talks
    • Some of the most compelling ideas we've found on the Internet, presented at a recurring conference in California and preserved at these web sites:
    • Hans Rosling talks about global statistics, highly recommended.
    • Bjorn Lomborg on the Copenhagen Concensus and prioritizing what to fix, also highly recommended.
    • Bill Stone gets serious about getting Out There.


SEAMONSTER-related science

References, Sources

Geology and Earth Science

Glaciers and Icesheets

  • Publications
    • Alley, Richard and Sridhar Anandakrishnan. Variations in melt-layer frequency in the GISP2 ice core: implications for Holocene summer temperatures in central Greenland. Ann. Glaciol., 40(135):341-349, 1995.
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Lemon Creek Watershed

  • Publications
    • MG Marcus, FB Chambers, MM Miller, M Lang - Phys. Geogr, 1995,Recent trends in the Lemon Creek Glacier, Alaska, pdf
    • Interfluve, Inc. 2004. Lemon Creek Watershed Geomorphic Assessment and Sediment Management Alternatives Analysis. Prepared for City and Borough of Juneau Engineering Department. Link to PDF
    • Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation, 1995. TMDL for sediment and turbidity with consideration of habitat modification in the waters of Lemon Creek, Alaska. Lemon Creek TMDL (Adobe .pdf, 16.5 mb)
    • U.S. Geological Survey, 2005. Hydrology, Geomorphology, and Flood Profiles of Lemon Creek, Juneau, Alaska. Scientific Investigations Report 2005-5186. U.S.G.S. Scientific Investigations Report #20055186 (Adobe .pdf, 6.9 mb)
    • Walter, M.T., et al. 2003. Lemon Creek Natural Sediment Assessment. University of Alaska Southeast report to ADEC. full text (Adobe .pdf, 719 kb)
    • Alaska Department of Fish and Game, 2004. Lemon Creek Baseline Aquatic Habitat Characterization. Prepared for the City and Borough of Juneau.
    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District. 1971. "Flood Plain Information, Lemon Creek, Juneau, Alaska," prepared for the Greater Juneau Borough.
    • Joan Ramage's website describes Glacial Responses to Climate Change in Southeast Alaska.
    • Matt Beedle has a glacial time website that highlights Ptarmigan and Lemon Glaciers.
    • Mauri Pelto, Nichols College, shares JIRP Lemon Glacier Mass Balance 1953-2005.

  • Websites and history
    • The Juneau Icefield Research Program, headed by Maynard Miller at Univ. of Idaho, has historically conducted yearly, periodic research including mass balance and meteorological investigations on Lemon Glacier. Much of this work is well documented in JIRP white papers, but only a handful of research is published in peer-reviewed articles, listed below.
    • Visit Scott McGee's JIRP website, The Crevasse Zone, for more JIRP Lemon Creek information.

  • Data sources
    • The U.S. Geological Survey has maintained two stations for discharge and water quality measurements on Lemon Creek periodically since 19??. The station currently operated by the USGS is located upstream, near the Ptarmigan Creek confluence Link to USGS Website: Station 15052000. Some data exist for an historic site just upstream of the Lemon Creek Correctional Facility Link to USGS Website: Station 15052009.</p>
    • The University of Alaska Southeast Environmental Science Program has supported Lemon Creek research since 2001. Some of this student research was supported in part by an Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation Alaska Clean Water Actions Water Quality Grant. (See link to report in References section below). Both USGS Lemon Creek sites were occupied and instrumented with submersible pressure transducers, temperature sensors, and ISCO automated water samplers. Fifteen-minute discharge, water and air temperature, and daily suspended sediment data exist (though with record gaps) for a period of record from 2001 to 2004.

SEAMONSTER-related Technology

Sensor Networks

  • Publications
    • Cheong, Elaine, and Judy Liebman, Jie Liu, and Feng Zhao, “TinyGALS: A Pro­gramming Model for Event-Driven Embedded Systems”, The 18th ACM Sym­posium on Applied Computing (SAC’03), Melbourne, FL, March, 2003, pp. 698-704.
    • Delin, Kevin and others, "Environmental Studies with the Sensor Web: Principles and Practice", (ISSN 1424-8220), Sensors, 2005(5), 103--117.
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    • Liu, Jie and Feng Zhao, "Towards Semantic Services for Sensor-Rich Information Systems, " The 2nd IEEE/CreateNet International Workshop on Broadband Advanced Sensor Networks (Basenets 2005), Boston, MA, Oct. 3, 2005.
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    • Liu, Juan, Jie Liu, James Reich, Patrick Cheung, and Feng Zhao, “Distributed Group Management for Track Initiation and Maintenance in Target Localization Applications,” The 2nd International Workshop on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN’03), Palo Alto, CA, April 2003, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS 2634), Springer-Verlag Heidelberg, pp. 113-128.
    • Whitehouse, Kamin, Feng Zhao, and Jie Liu, "Semantic Streams: A Framework for Composable Semantic Interpretation of Sensor Data." Proceedings of the 3rd European Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN 2006), Zurich, Switzerland, February 13-15, 2006, pp. 5-20. (Also appeared as Microsoft Research Technical Report MSR-TR-2005-45, April 2005 and as ACM Sensys'05 Poster Abstract, November 2-4, 2005.)
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    • Zhao, Feng and Leonidas Guibas. Wireless Sensor Networks: An Information Processing Approach. Morgan Kaufmann (ISBN 1-55860-914-8), 2004.

Robots and Robotics